Malware Analysis Series (MAS) – Article 7

The seventh article in the Malware Analysis Series (MAS) is available for reading on:


I hope readers like it.

Have an excellent day and keep reversing!

Alexandre Borges

PS: the version A.1 includes few typos found by my colleague Kien Tran Trung (Twitter: @kienbigmummy)

Malicious Document Analysis: Example 2

I returned to write the second article of Malware Analysis Series (MAS) last January/08 after receiving an outstanding support from a high-profile professional and company of the industry, but while the article is not ready (I working on page 43 and far from the end), I spent a couple of hours writing a simple and short article on malicious document analysis. I hope it helps someone.

The PDF version is available on:

Keep reversing and have an excellent day.

Alexandre Borges.

Malware Analysis Series (MAS) – Article 1

The first article of MAS (Malware Analysis Series) is available for reading from:


Soon I have enough time, so I’ll publish an HTML version of it.

Have an excellent day.

Alexandre Borges.

PS: this is a live document, so new versions of it will be published soon errors and mistakes are found.